General Policy

Our HSE policy is the foundation of the Company's HSE Management system. We are committed in protecting the health and safety of our employees and interested parties and for such to safe guard the environment. Note: interested parties are our visitors, stakeholders and contractors.

  1. To provide adequate control of health and safety risks arising from our work activities.
  2. To consult with our employees and interested parties on matters affecting their health and safety.
  3. To provide and maintain safe working environment and equipment.
  4. To ensure safe handling and use of substances.
  5. To provide information, instruction and supervision for employees and interested parties.
  6. To ensure all employees are competent to do their tasks, and to give them adequate training.
  7. To prevent accident and cases of work-related ill health.
  8. To maintain safe and health working conditions.
  9. To review and revise this policy ans necessary at regular intervals.
  10. Strive to minimize the environment impact of all our operations.

Quality Assurance Policy

BENOIT ENERGY SERVICES LTD has as a policy that its business will be organized, planned and executed in such a manner as to

  1. Plan, procure, inspect, test, document and conduct all activities and functions concerned with the attainment of quality
  2. Not to sacrifice QUALITY in order to meet an unreasonable time schedule or target.
  3. Supply accurate data and information for audit
  4. To implement, operate and maintain a QUALITY ASSURANCE SYSTEM in compliance with the requirement of ISO 9001 and other international codes
  5. To fully implement Non Conformation report (NCR) and Corrective Action Report (CAR) for close out
  6. Adhere to our client's QUALITY standards in executing all projects

Equipment Maintenance Policy

All equipment must be regularly maintained. All unserviceable equipment shall be locked out tagged as thus.

The objective of such routine Preventive maintenance is to reduce equipment Downtime and Lost of time incidents results from lack of maintenance culture.
Routine maintenance and mirror repairs shall be undertaken at the work site while serious maintenance of completely broken down equipment shall be down at the base.
Turn around maintenance shall be planned and executed once a year. The aim being to put all equipment in serviceable order for hitches free operation/use.
It is mandatory that equipment operators report immediately any break down of faults observed in their equipment. Late reportage of faults shall be met with appropriate reprisals.
Toolbox meetings on proposed equipment maintenance must precede the maintenance work planned for each day.
All maintenance Crew must be trained and only experienced personnel shall be job placed and authorized to carry out maintenance.
All maintenance work shall be carried out in accordance with the company's safety maintenance procedures.
The maintenance crew must be briefed before each episode.
The implementation of the maintenance policy shall be the responsibility of the Maintenance Engineer, who should report to the Base/Facilities Manager/Project Manager.

Nigerian Content Policy

The Policy has been setup with the objective of putting in place a framework for institutionalizing, regulating and monitoring the development of local companies, contractors, manpower, Local communities and made Nigeria goods and services.

Benoit is position as 100% owned and operated by Nigerian, delivering the results is a true measure to achieve our Nigerian Content Plan.
In order to achieve this, Benoit has the following objective (Training, Community, Development, Manpower Development, Promotion of Local Materials, Research/Development and Seminars/Workshop) upon the award of any contract. Benoit will ensure that employment and skill development for Nigerian staff in the work program for which the planned operation are compiled to meet the Nigerian Content Policy.

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